COVID-19 Resources

When our world is shaken, it’s easy for fear to spread.

But God promises to be with us no matter what comes our way.

Now more than ever, we’re reminded that the Church isn’t about the building. It’s the people gathering to worship our God who is faithful, in control, and with us wherever we are.

MTS want to equip you as you navigate through this current crisis. We’ve compiled the following resources that we pray will be helpful for you.


Friday Arvo Ministry (FAM) Training Recordings

Children’s Ministry

Below are a list of recommended resources from our ‘Ministry to Primary School Children during COVID-19’ FAM Training panel (Andrew Horsfield, Hunter Bible Church; Sandy Galea, Multicultural Bible Ministry; Cameron Harte, St Luke’s Miranda) on 17th April 2020.

Using ‘The Word 121’

Leading Small Groups Online

Below are a list of recommended resources from our ‘Leading Small Groups Online During Covid-19’ FAM Training zoom-cast on 8th May 2020 with Deb Bennetts, Ministry Wife and Part-Time Online Learning Instructor at University of Western Sydney; Kitty Chan, AFES Staff at University of Sydney, Cumberland Campus; & Simon Marshman, Maturity Pastor at Trinity Church Adelaide.

Online games for your small groups:

Stay connected:

Youth Ministry

Below are a list of recommended resources from our ‘Ministry to Youth During Covid-19’ FAM Training panel (Josh Hayward, Youth Minister at Christ Church St Ives, NSW; Jordan Francis, Youth Minister at EV Church, NSW; Joe Wilson, Youth Minister at North Coast Church, WA) on 15th May 2020.

Games for Groups Meeting Online

Below are a list of online games from our ‘Awesome Fun Outreach Zoom-Cast! Experience it, then run it!’ FAM Training session with Eric Thurston (MTS Director of Training) on 22nd May 2020. NB: Some games assume that you’ll be using the Zoom videoconferencing platform.

  1. What movie/tv show am I in? Use the Zoom Virtual Backgrounds feature to put up an image from a movie or television show, and ask the group to guess the correct answer!
  2. Pictionary: Use the Zoom Whiteboard to play a few rounds of online Pictionary
  3. Scattergories
  4. I Saw That!
    • Play the following Mr Bean video via screenshare: Charles Trénet’s ‘La Mer’ from “Mr. Bean’s Holiday”
    • Download the accompanying slideshow here to reveal answers as you ask the following questions:
      • In the 1st scene, what weird thing was in the pillar?
      • What odd picture was on the truck he walked out on?
      • What was the second truck he walked on carrying?
      • What colour hat was the scooter driver wearing?
      • What colour was the peddle boat?
      • What was on the bonnet of the sand car?
      • What was physically wrong with the guy in the leather jacket and sunglasses (William Dafoe)?
      • Name 4 instruments in the band
      • In the last scene, what was the girl in the mint green dress holding?
  5. Tabu: Only available on the Apple Store
  6. Boggle
  7. Zoom Karaoke
  8. Zoom Charades

Additional suggestions from attendees: