About Us

What is MTS?

Jesus said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Matthew 9:37-38

MTS (Ministry Training Strategy) seeks to multiply gospel workers through ministry apprenticeships.


MTS is supported by a team of staff and volunteers, and we work in partnership with a number of other organisations.


MTS Vision, Mission and Mission Objectives

To win the world for Christ by multiplying Gospel Workers through ministry apprenticeships.


To raise up, train and resource MTS Trainers, as they multiply Gospel Workers through ministry apprenticeships.


Mission Objectives:

  1. Recruit and grow the number of active Trainers
  2. Equip and help Trainers to Recruit Apprentices
  3. Equip and help Trainers to Train Apprentices
  4. Retain and Grow (Develop) Trainers to be Entrusters
  5. Develop indigenous MTS movements internationally

But Isn’t Training Gospel Workers the Job of Denominations?

Yes and no. The New Testament has no knowledge of denominations, and places the responsibility for training and growth firmly with the local church. Local churches may decide to support external theological colleges, but the place where New Testament leaders are recognised and trained is in the local gathering.

Is MTS and this approach really necessary? I’m too busy already.

There will always be ‘too much’ to do in ministry. There will always be people who need to hear the life-saving gospel of Jesus Christ. If we want to reach them we need to move beyond merely maintaining existing structures. We will need to recruit and train willing and able people to help us. Jesus, Paul and the other apostles spoke about this, did this, and encouraged us to pray that God would raise up workers for the harvest. Far from being too busy or an “optional extra”, this is the job that God gives us to be busy with.

How can we afford this?

A better question might be how can we afford not to do this? Nothing is more important than taking the gospel and passing it on to the next generation. Nevertheless, there are practical steps that can be considered as steps on the way towards the goal – voluntary apprenticeships, part-time apprenticeships, inviting motivated individuals to act as sponsors, and approaching MTS for further advice.

Why does MTS advocate ‘Apprenticeships’?

Our view is that considering and ‘tasting’ the ministry of the Word – even well before enrolling in theological college – is a worthy and important thing to do. We think that the ‘apprenticeship’ approach makes good sense. Not only is it grounded on important biblical principles but also on active participation in evangelism and bible teaching, all under the leadership of a trainer. As ministry is conducted in relationship, a two year apprenticeship enables real learning, real experience and real relationships to develop, the value of which could never be captured/repeated in a classroom context. An apprenticeship can also be adapted to any ministry context and can be tailor-made by trainers to their apprentices. For more information about apprenticeships visit our Enquiring about an MTS Apprenticeships page.


I have other questions!

You might find answers on our frequently asked questions page.