MTS Trainers are gospel workers who commit to investing deeply in the life of their apprentice. Trainers don’t just minister to their apprentice, but minister with their apprentice as well. The Biblical paradigm for ministry training appears to be spiritual parenthood… growing children of faith (1 Timothy 1:2).


MTS Trainers are people who do the following:

    • Care, guide, teach and walk beside the apprentice through all stages of their spiritual journey.
    • Provide feedback, encouragement and correction to apprentices.
    • Train apprentices in accordance with an MTS Apprentice approved curriculum.
    • Meet with apprentices for an agreed upon frequency and period of time.
    • Develop detailed Ministry Development Plans for the apprentice every six months.
    • Attend the MTS Training Days and events.

MTS Apprentice Documentation Upload
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How are MTS Apprenticeships Funded?
Use the link below for details of how the different MTS Apprenticeship pathways are funded.