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MTS Info Nights

MTS Info Nights are designed to help introduce potential MTS Ministry Apprentices and Trainers to the MTS movement. They are 1-1.5hour events hosted by churches and ministry partners exploring what MTS is, and providing attendees with a chance to talk through their questions with MTS alumni.

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MTS Curriculum

MTS has developed an Apprenticeship Curriculum focused around building the apprentice’s Conviction, Character and Competence.  To support  this outcome, apprentices are trained in eight Key Learning Areas.   MTS provides a description of the Learning Objectives for each Key Learning Area – that is: On completion of their training in this Key Learning Area an apprentice will be able to ….  
Each apprentice is expected to work through the Apprentice Curriculum with their trainer, during the course of their apprenticeship.

Curriculum Resources are available here to be downloaded and used by trainers and apprentices, and anyone else that might need them.

MTS Curriculum for Team Leader Apprentices

Team Leader apprentices (whether on a curriculum or scholarship apprentice pathway) are expected to work through the full MTS Curriculum, with their trainer, over the course of their 2 year apprenticeship.

  • Curriculum Team Leader apprentices – full MTS Curriculum
  • Scholarship Team Leader apprentices – full MTS Curriculum plus the ASTC (Academic Studies in Theology Certificate).  There is only minimal overlap between the MTS Curriculum and ASTC course content – so an apprentice on the Team Leader Scholarship pathway is expected to complete both in 1.5 days per week throughout their apprenticeship.

Note for Scholarship Team Leader apprentices: MTS has seen many very talented and dedicated Team Leader apprentices who have sought to over-achieve when completing ASTC course assignments.  The more time that is spent completing Certificate level assignments (approx. Year 10 level) the less time an apprentice will have to spend learning and acquiring practical ministry skills.

In full-time ministry there are always many more good things to be done than time will permit – so, some you do well, others you do adequately.  Apprentices need to consider where on this sliding scale “nailing a high grade on an ASTC assignment” should reside.

MTS Curriculum Worksheets can be found on the resources page.

MTS Curriculum for Diploma students (and those undertaking other courses)

For students studying at diploma level there will be a degree of content overlap between a Diploma level course and the MTS Curriculum, as well as an issue of available time to allocate to completing the MTS Curriculum.

Acknowledging the constraint of time and seeking to minimise content overlap, MTS has produced a set of  MTS Curriculum Worksheets for specifically for apprentices studying at Diploma level (and other courses).

MTS Curriculum Worksheets for Diploma Apprentices – click here to download

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