Where age is no barrier to sharing the good news

Where age is no barrier to sharing the good news

It is my privilege to do part-time ministry work in our local high school assisting in the Christian Studies Program. In addition, my wife and I attend youth camps as mentors to the leaders and assist in proclaiming the good news of salvation through Christ.

I have found that age is not a barrier to ministry, and that younger Christians often appreciate the perspective that older Christians bring. Age gives testimony to the way in which Christ has worked
through us, and in us.

MTS Prime Time encourages those approaching retirement to take up a new lease of life in gospel ministry. The program encourages us to do ministry work, in a structured environment, with experienced trainers from whom they can learn.

Whilst MTS has a strategic role in training up future generations of church leaders, for those who do not go into a full-time paid ministry, the MTS experience provides a strong basis for effective witness in the home, workplace and amongst friends. MTS Prime Time training gives a degree
of confidence and competence. It provides a sound springboard for those contemplating a ministry in their Prime Time.

We are privileged to be able to serve the Lord at any stage of our Christian life. Much needs to be done. After all, Timothy was mentored by Paul. The biblical precedence is clear. Let’s get moving. If you want to work in the harvest field, contact MTS. It would be wonderful to hear from you.

David Bell says that it’s never too late to do gospel work