True light to the ends of the earth – Chile

L to R: Eleazar Seguel Salazar, Pato Oyarzun, Ben Pfahlert & (front) Dagmar Oyarzun

John Griffiths, a pastoral apprentice with Fundación Generación, was interviewed during our MTS Recruit conference this year. John shared with us, “I am a second-year apprentice, being trained with another 11 apprentices. All apprentices are currently based in the capital of Chile, Santiago. Previously we’ve had up to 49 apprentices all over the country from the north of Chile to the south”.

Friends, how great is our God that we can so evidently see His work through the MTS movement, globally.

Pato and Dagmar Oyarzun joined us at MTS Recruit in 2020 to share with us how apprenticeships began in Chile.

“Back in the early 2000s,” Pato shares, “When I was finishing studying at Moore College, Col Marshall invited me into his office and handed me this huge handbook and told me, ‘This is MTS and the curriculum’, and told me to begin it in Chile when I went back, and I said no thank you. I didn’t grab it…” 

But once back in Chile, Pato kept thinking about MTS, and many of us in Australia kept urging him to reconsider. 

We knew that Chile could really benefit from having their own ministry apprenticeships program, and praise God, eventually Pato got on board!

Pato shares now, “I can say that we are now, under God, a child of MTS. Ben Pfahlert has visited us a few times to help us get setup, especially in 2011-12, to help us train the first pastors, in Spanish… And by God’s grace now we are able to train apprentices”.

This is the work of MTS. A home-grown initiative, with a global focus on winning the world for Christ by multiplying gospel workers through ministry apprenticeships.

This story is being repeated around the world – in Italy, South Africa, and so many other places. And when you give to MTS this Christmas, you’ll be helping to support the growth of many more MTS-style movements like Fundación Generacion, as you enable our team in Australia to train, encourage, and disciple movement leaders across the globe.