Together in His Work – John, Ben & Andrew

Together in His Work – John, Ben & Andrew

The MTS Blue Collar Apprenticeship mimics a builders apprenticeship that is; 4 days
on the job training with a Pastor, and 1 day a week doing TAFE style theological education.
So as a Blue Collar Apprentice, John Delezio’s training looks a bit different to that of a conventional apprentice. Having one trainer in the classroom and one in the church, these two approaches and perspectives on ministry enrich John’s training.

With Ben Pfahlert, MTS National Director and member of John’s church in South Sydney, he is trained in the everyday ins and outs of ministry and evangelism. They work side by side to coordinate the mens’ ministry at St Cuthbert’s.

“Ben and I have been involved in numerous outreach activities like the ‘Beer @ Bert’s’ beer tasting night and ‘Q&A Church’ where we held a panel discussion on what a Christian is and why become one,” said John.

Of his approach to training, Ben says, “I’m forever asking John the “why?” questions. Why did you choose that illustration in your talk? Why did you break Philippians into the sections you broke it into? I try to ask John these simple “why?” questions to get him thinking through his ministry.”

Then through training with Andrew Beddoe, the Blue Collar Ministry Trainer, John has undertaken theological study and seeks to be equipped in ministering to blue collar workers.

“John has just begun a ministry to factory workers. So one of my big aims for his training is that he would grow in godliness and his capacity to help others grow too. I hope to see God use John to bring factory workers to know Jesus for the first time,” said Andrew.

This diverse approach to John’s training has equipped him for a life of teaching the Bible, and has also taught him foundational truths behind ministry.

“God is the one doing the work. You can teach three 44-year-old blokes the same things, in the same house, on the same night, but sometimes only one of the three gets it. God brings the growth.”