The MTS Stimulus Incentive

The MTS Stimulus Incentive

The incentive scheme both seeks to generate and offer support to ministries as they consider taking on an apprentice. As Multiply 500 moves forward, each state will be set up with its own stimulus fund. Christians across Australia give tax deductible funds to train ministry apprentices in their state. The funds raised will then be distributed in $4,000 packages to apprentices on the new MTS scholarship system.

Funding for a church/ministry breaks down to be: $4,000 from the state Multiply 500 Stimulus Fund + $4,000 from the Church + $12,000 self funded = $20,000. With the addition of Austudy, each apprentice will receive a scholarship of $23,000 p.a.

If you are running a ministry and interested in taking on an apprentice, the MTS Stimulus Incentive could kick-start an MTS gospel growth plan in your ministry.

Alternatively, by contributing to this initiative – MTS Multiply 500 – you will enable MTS to mount a national campaign to seek out new candidates and placements
to multiply it’s gospel impact.

MTS Multiply 500 is a national campaign with a regional emphasis, so that a local ministry that sees the need for an apprentice can be linked up to a local support group.

The stimulus package will have the effect of attracting more people and getting new training centres (churches/ministries) to take that first step in the journey to take on and train up an MTS Apprentice.