The MTS Gospel Growth Plan

The MTS Gospel Growth Plan

The number of MTS Apprentices in Christian ministries across Australia currently sits at around 250. This level of engagement has been relatively stable over the last 5 years.

As a rule, training centres (churches/ministries) that engage MTS Apprentices find them to be a valuable team member and continue to hold the positions open. Conversely, those who don’t take on apprentices claim that their main reason for not doing so has been the cost.

This is a situation that has now been addressed through the introduction of the MTS Scholarship. Traditionally, apprentices were classed as employees, and in order to comply with legislation they needed to be paid accordingly.

From now on, the scholarship scheme is able to re-classify the MTS Apprentice as a student, who benefits from MTS’ tax-deductible education fund and is able to apply for other Government benefits such as Austudy and living-away-from-home allowance.

The net effect is a reduced cost barrier and more opportunity for gospel growth. Add to this our stimulus package – and see that cost is no longer a real hurdle to a church or ministry appointing an apprentice.