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MTS provides prayer points from apprentices, trainers, churches, and ministry partners around Australia, and around the world. Please support us in prayer as we seek to multiply gospel workers through ministry apprentices.

Tues 1 December 2020
Heavenly Father, please bless the MTS Indescribable Gift Christmas Appeal launching today. Please raise up generous donors to support this ministry into 2021. Amen.

Wed 2 December 2020
Dear Lord , thank you for your blessing on the meeting of MTS Network Co-ordinators held 17th and 18th November.  Thank you for enabling this group of men and women from around the country to work together on strategies for multiplying gospel workers through ministry apprenticeships. Amen.

Thur 3 December 2020
Our God, please bless the ministry to South Asians at the University of Tasmania. Thank you for how it has grown during COVID-19. Amen.

Fri 4 December 2020
Heavenly Lord, we give thanks for the numbers of applications for new churches starting apprenticeships in 2021. Please be with the MTS staff as they process the applications and support the churches. Amen.

Sat-Sun 5-6 December 2020
Dear God,please continue to bless the work of AFES in proclaiming Jesus Christ at University campus across Australia.  Please give the AFES team great energy and wisdom as they prepare for their online National Training Event (NTE) to be held on 7-8 Dec 2020. Amen.

Mon 7 December 2020
Father God, thank you for the process of evaluation and distillation of the MTS Core Values.  Thank you for the investment of many people to establish the core values that are most important for the MTS movement.  Please enable the MTS Core Values to generate unity in purpose and direction for the MTS movement. Amen.

Tues 8 December 2020
Dear Father, thank you for the financial supporters of MTS. We ask that you will raise up more people to prayerfully and financially support the work of MTS. Amen

Wed 9 December 2020
Heavenly Lord, we pray that the numbers of apprentices will increase and that many will offer to go into full time Gospel service, to fill the gaps across denominations and in missionary service. Amen.

Thur 10 December 2020
Dear Lord, please help those apprentices and trainers who find financial support raising difficult. Please help them develop in this necessary area of ministry. Amen

Fri 11 December 2020
Dear Lord, we ask that people in churches nationwide will be passionate about reaching the world for Jesus, and that they would consider preaching the gospel of Jesus to the world as their vocation. Amen

Sat-Sun 12-13 December 2020
Lord God, please bless Dave Lynch as he trains Izaak Reiher in Tasmania. Amen.

Mon 14 December 2020
Heavenly Father, we pray that the MTS Recruit Committee would make wise and timely decisions for 2021, especially about what the format and program could look like. Amen.

Tues 15 December 2020
Dear Father, thank you for the 14 new apprentice trainers who registered with MTS for 2020. Please bless their ministry training and enable them to multiply gospel workers through ministry apprenticeships for years to come. Please enable these new trainers to train apprentices who would go on to train other ministry apprentices in the future (that is they would become an MTS ‘Entruster’). Amen.

Wed 16 December 2020
Dear Father, please give all church leaders great wisdom as they manage the regularly changing restrictions and advice regarding COVID 19 / social distancing.  We pray that despite the uncertainty this would be a time of faithful dependence on Christ by your body (the church).  Amen

Thur 17 December 2020
Dear Lord, please continue to raise up gospel workers in, and for, regional and rural areas of Australia. Bless the current MTS trainers and apprentices in these communities. Amen.

Fri 18 December 2020
Heavenly Father, we pray that you will help Ben Pfahlert prepare to teach from Ezekiel at G8 in January. Amen.

Sat-Sun 19-20 December 2020
Lord God, please help the MTS staff team as we continue to refine our processes to better serve the movement. Amen.

Mon 21 December 2020
Father God, we praise and thank you being adopted into your family through Jesus atoning sacrificial death and resurrection. Thank you that we have the amazing privilege of being involved in your mission of building your kingdom. Please enable us to keep this gospel mission as our utmost priority. Amen

Tues 22 December 2020
Lord, please ensure that final preparations, arrangements and fundraising for all the apprenticeships starting in January will go smoothly. Amen.

Wed 23 December 2020
Heavenly Father, we pray for the final preparation that needs to be done for the G8 National Apprentice s and Trainers Conference in January and thank you for the work the Committee has been doing to enable this conference to go ahead even in COVID times. Amen.

Thur 24 December 2020
Dear Father, we pray that churches and homes around the nation will be filled with the Holy Spirit this Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Amen

Fri 25 December 2020
Dear Lord, we think of those who find Christmas difficult – for the sick, the grieving, the lonely and the homeless . Lord, comfort them this Christmas. Amen

Sat-Sun 26-27 December 2020
Lord God, we pray that more Trainers and Apprentices would register for G8 2021 to be equipped, trained and encouraged for the next year of ministry. Amen.

Mon 28 December 2020
Lord, please give the MTS staff team wisdom for decisions surrounding 2021 events which remain impacted by current and ever-evolving COVID-19 restrictions. Amen.

Tues 29 December 2020
Dear Father, we pray for those apprentices who are finishing this year. Please guide them in the next chapter of their lives. Amen.

Wed 30 December 2020
Lord, we pray for Peter Mayrick (Centre for Ministry Development) and Eric Thurston (MTS Director of Training) as they prepare to train the trainers attending the G8 National Conference next month. Amen.

Thurs 31 December 2020
Father God, in this year of great uncertainty, thank you for sustaining and growing MTS apprentices and trainers.  Please comfort and encourage all those for whom this year has been difficult and discouraging. Amen


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