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MTS provides prayer points from apprentices, trainers, churches, and ministry partners around Australia, and around the world. Please support us in prayer as we seek to multiply gospel workers through ministry apprentices.

Mon 29 March 2021
Heavenly Father, please bless the endeavours of MTS to increase its thought leadership impact over 2021 and beyond. Help MTS movement leaders to find the time to write about key issues of concern in the movement. Lord, please provide great platforms on which to publish this material. Amen

Tues 30 March 2021
Sovereign Lord, thank you for the numerous silver linings that came about through COVID-19. Thank you especially, Lord, for opening MTS events in Australia up to the rest of the world. Amen

Wed 31 March 2021
Dear God, thank you for the churches and organisations that are already preparing to commence working with apprentices in 2022. We pray for effective preparations and fruitful partnerships in the future. Amen

Thur 1 April 2021
Lord God, we pray for the Grace Christian Community Good Friday service to be held tomorrow at Box Hill Gardens, Victoria. Please help Tim Grant and his apprentice Amanda Wang as they mobilise the Church this Easter to reach out to the community with the good news of Jesus. Amen

Fri 2 April 2021
Father God, thank you for the easing of COVID-19 restrictions across NSW. We pray that the easing of restrictions will encourage many people to attend church – especially at Easter – and will assist in joyful celebration of the fellowship and life we share in Christ Jesus. Amen

Sat 3 April 2021
Sovereign Lord, please sustain and provide for the families and communities impacted by the recent flooding across New South Wales. Please comfort those suffering loss, and enable services, resources and supplies to be made available wherever they are needed. Amen

Sun 4 April 2021
Heavenly Father, we give you thanks for the increased numbers of people training for ministry at theological colleges this year. May you bless them as they grow in knowledge of you and of your Word. Amen

Mon 5 April 2021
Dear Lord, we pray that your hand will always be guiding the recruitment of new apprentices, and that we will see more and more people undertaking ministry apprenticeships with a view to moving into full-time gospel service. Amen

Tues 6 April 2021
Father of all, we pray that you will significantly increase the number of churches in the states and territories across Australia offering to engage with apprenticeships. Amen

Wed 7 April 2021
Father, we thank you that Wagga Evangelical Church in NSW has started MTS, and pray that trainer Peter Blanch will be able to grow his apprentice, Justin Holbeck, in character, conviction and competencies. Amen

Thur 8 April 2021
Lord God, we praise you for the successful men’s event, ‘Shed Happens’, at New Life Presbyterian Church in Officer, Victoria. We pray that those who attended will be convicted of the gospel and the hope that it brings. Amen

Fri 9 April 2021
Father God, we pray for your hand to be on the preparations for the MTS Leaders’ Training Day coming up in July. May it be a day that truly helps trainers and apprentices to be better equipped for gospel ministry. Amen

Sat 10 April 2021
Dear Father, thank you for the wonderful opportunity that the G8 Conference was for Brisbane and Sunshine Coast apprentices and trainers to spend some time together. Please help them to put into action all that they were able to share and learn during this time. Amen

Sun 11 April 2021
Thank you, God, for the growth in the G8 Committee, and for your provision of its newest member, Matthew Sheridan from St Marks UNEchurch, Armidale. Amen

Mon 12 April 2021
Father in heaven, we thank you for the work of the G8 organising committee and ask you to give them wisdom as they work to make the annual G8 training conference in January a blessing and encouragement to MTS trainers and apprentices. Amen

Tues 13 April 2021
We praise you, Lord God, for the growth and health of the youth ministry at Holy Trinity, Doncaster. Please give wisdom to Geoff Hall as he trains his apprentice Stefanie Wong, and as he encourages others to consider embarking on ministry apprenticeships. Amen

Wed 14 April 2021
Dear Lord, thank you for the generosity of all those who help to make MTS activities possible – individuals, churches and organisations. May many gospel workers be raised up and supported through this generosity. Amen

Thur 15 April 2021
Dear God, we pray for wisdom for Paul Kupke (Interim Chairman) and the Vision 100 committee as they strive to plant churches and raise up leaders in Tasmania. Amen

Fri 16 April 2021
Heavenly Lord, thank you for your provision of an Events Intern joining MTS from April–May. We praise you that the Events Team will be provided with this support. Amen

Sat 17 April 2021
Father God, please bless the planning and preparation for the MTS Recruit conference to be held in early October. Please give wisdom and energy to the organising committee in working through the myriad of big decisions and logistics. We pray especially that commitments for hosting Local Conference Gatherings can be finalised as soon as possible. Amen

Sun 18 April 2021
Heavenly Father, we pray that you will bless the committee organising the Spur Conference in Queensland, and that you will provide a new treasurer. Amen

Mon 19 April 2021
Dear Lord, as COVID-19 restrictions ease and vaccines become available, we pray that MTS workers, trainers and apprentices can proceed with planning ministry activities with wisdom, safety and joyful praise to God. Amen

Tues 20 April 2021
Father of all wisdom, we ask you to guide the team’s thinking about the best ways to host MTS Info Nights throughout the year. We ask that you will move more churches to agree to hosting these, and that pastors will take these opportunities to think about how they can run MTS in their churches. Amen

Wed 21 April 2021
Dear God, we continue to thank you for the churches and organisations that will commence working with apprentices in 2022, and pray that they may be well prepared for effective partnerships. Amen

Thur 22 April 2021
Our God, we pray for the apprentices and trainers involved with the South Asian ministry at the University of Tasmania. Please bless all those who come along to this ministry, and open their hearts to the truth of the gospel. Amen

Fri 23 April 2021
Father God, thank you for the MTS apprentice who will train with Wollondilly Anglican Church in 2021/2022. Please bless the trainer and the apprentice as they work together, and enable Wollondilly Anglican Church to continue raising up harvest workers for many years to come. Amen

Sat 24 April 2021
Sovereign Father, we ask you to guide the MTS team as they work to update and reorganise the MTS apprentice curriculum. We pray that the result will be a blessing to trainers in working with their apprentices. Amen

Sun 25 April 2021
Dear Lord, please help those apprentices and trainers who find financial support-raising difficult. Please help them to develop courage and skills in this necessary area of ministry, and help them to trust in your provision. Amen

Mon 26 April 2021
Heavenly Father, we pray for Ebenezer Presbyterian Church where Toby McIntosh and his apprentices Jon and Michelle Ullrich are reaching out to Ballarat with ESL classes and women’s events. We pray that many will come to know and worship Jesus through these events. Amen

Tues 27 April 2021
Dear Father, thank you for the partnership MTS has with Cornhill Sydney and for the 15 MTS apprentices training with Cornhill Sydney in 2021. Please help Cornhill Sydney to continue training gospel workers to preach and teach the Bible in a way that is faithful, relevant and engaging. Amen

Wed 28 April 2021
Lord God, thank you that Lakeside Church in the ACT has started MTS. We pray for trainer Andre Groves as he strives to grow his apprentice, Ai Vy Coote, in character, conviction and competencies. Amen

Thur 29 April 2021
Loving Father, we pray for energy and wisdom for Dave Martin, Victorian Network Coordinator and Senior Minister at New Life Presbyterian Church, Officer, as he navigates a building project. Amen

Fri 30 April 2021
Heavenly Father, please bless the whole MTS movement as it seeks ‘to win the world for Christ by multiplying gospel workers through ministry apprenticeships’. Please give the MTS head office team great wisdom and energy as they work on strategic plans to raise up, train and resource MTS trainers to help realise this vision. Amen



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