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MTS provides prayer points from apprentices, trainers, churches, and ministry partners around Australia, and around the world. Please support us in prayer as we seek to multiply gospel workers through ministry apprentices.

Fri 1 January 2021
Dear Lord, please use the New Years celebrations and the contemplation that goes with it to turn people’s hearts back to you. Please bring millions of people back to you in Australia in 2021. Amen

Sat 2 January 2021
Dear Father, thank you for the two new MTS Apprenticeships that will be starting with St John’s Anglican Cathedral Parramatta in January 2021.  Please help this church to continue raising up harvest workers for years to come.  Amen.

Sun 3 January 2021
Lord God, we pray for Eric Thurston as he leads our Ministry Skills Sessions for non-ASTC Apprentices at G8 (national apprentice and trainer conference) 2021. Pray that they will be spurred on to consider the realities and blessings of ministry. Amen.

Mon 4 January 2021
Heavenly Father, we pray for apprentices starting out their MTS Apprenticeships in 2021. We pray that they will quickly settle into new routines, and the adjustment from their previous working environment into ministry, will go smoothly for them all. Amen.

Tues 5 January 2021
Our Father, we pray for Peter Mayrick from the Centre for Ministry Development as he runs our Train the Trainer Sessions at G8 2021, that he will be able to equip and encourage our MTS Trainers for the year ahead as they prepare to lead their Apprentices into a new year of ministry. Amen.

Wed 6 January 2021
Our Lord, please help new trainers to be wise, patient and generous as they start their first year of training an apprentice. Amen.

Thur 7 January 2021
Heavenly Father, we pray for the technology and internet connection to run smoothly, so that we can effectively broadcast G8 2021 nationally to our current Trainers and Apprentices. Amen.

Fri 8 January 2021
Lord God, we pray for all churches, that we will see a lessening of all the stresses and strains brought about by COVID-19 in 2020. May 2021 be a year filled with new ministry opportunities, and the success of strategies to combat the virus, for the wellbeing of all. Amen.

Sat 9 January 2021
Dear God, we pray for Dave Moore as he runs the Ministry Principles Sessions at G8 2021 that aim to get Apprentices to think through the purpose and practicalities of ministry. Amen.

Sun 10 January 2021
Our God please bless the MTS staff team in 2021 as they serve the movement, especially in supporting and equipping trainers.

Mon 11 January 2021
Heavenly Lord, we pray for Stephen Renn as he leads our Old Testament Sessions at G8 2021 for our ASTC Apprentices. We pray that it will be a challenging and enriching time for our Apprentices as they delve deeper into God’s Word. Amen.

Tues 12 January 2021
Lord God, we pray for Ben Pfahlert as he prepares his talks on Ezekiel for G8 2021, that God would give him wisdom, clarity and strength as he teaches our Apprentices and Trainers during the week. Amen.

Wed 13 January 2021
Lord, please bless and lead the Vision 100 leaders in Tasmania as they encourage and help ministries start MTS. Amen.

Thur 14 January 2021
Dear Father thank you for the ministry of EV Church in Erina, NSW. Thank you for their plan to train 10 apprentices in 2021. Please help EV Church to continue raising up harvest workers for years to come. Amen.

Fri 15 January 2021
Lord God, thank you for the MTS movement leaders in South Australia. Please give them prayerful dependence on you as they seek to multiply gospel workers in SA through ministry apprenticeships. Amen

Sat 16 January 2021
Dear Father, please give wisdom to the next generation of Christian leaders. Help them to understand that training to be a pastor/Christian leader is different to training for other professions. Amen.

Sun 17 January 2021
Heavenly Father, please raise up many more people around the world to develop local MTS movements. Please give Christians across the globe a passion for ministry apprenticeships as part of winning the world for Christ. Amen.

Mon 18 January 2021
Lord, please use the G8 National Training Conference starting today to grow apprentices in their character, convictions and competencies. Amen.

Tues 19 January 2021
Our God, please use the G8 National Training Conference continuing today to grow trainers in their ability to train apprentices. Amen.

Wed 20 January 2021
Lord, as the G8 conference wraps up today, we thank you for this precious opportunity to provide training to apprentices and trainers. Please give attendees the space they need to process what they have learned. Amen.

Thur 21 January 2021
Dear Lord, thank you for the MTS apprentices commencing training in 2021 with Presbyterian Churches in Dubbo (NSW), Gungahlin (ACT) and Goonellabah (NSW). Please bless the trainers and apprentices as they work together across the coming year and please enable these churches to continue raising up harvest workers for many years to come. Amen.

Fri 22 January 2021
Dear Lord, we give thanks and praise you for ministry apprenticeships in other countries. Lord, please bless these movements as they seek to train ministry apprentices. Amen

Sat 23 January 2021
Heavenly Father, thank you for the MTS leaders in Queensland. Please help them persist in their efforts to establish apprenticeships in many churches and dioceses across the state. Amen.

Sun 24 January 2021
Dear God, please be with James Hoey (with Melody and Levi) as he embarks on a new role with MTS in Melbourne. Please bless his efforts. Amen.

Mon 25 January 2021
Dear Lord – thank you for MTS’ partnerships in ministry training with theological colleges and training institutions such as  Christ College / Timothy Partnership, Cornhill Sydney, Youthworks College, SMBC, Moore College, Ridley College and many others. Thanks for the way in which MTS apprenticeships partner with theological colleges to prepare men and women for life time of gospel work. Amen.

Tues 26 January 2021
Heavenly Father, we thank you for the blessing of living in Australia, and the freedom we have here to proclaim the gospel without fear of persecution. Please help us not to take this freedom for granted, but embrace the privilege it is while uniting in prayer with our persecuted brothers and sisters. Amen.

Wed 27 January 2021
Dear Father, please help the next generation of Christian leaders to value being trained in Godliness. Help them to accept that this takes time and mentoring. Lord, please produce Godly leaders for Australia and the world. Amen

Thurs 28 January 2021
Dear Lord, please bless those who attended G8 2020 – that what they’ve heard will have refreshed them and will continue to encourage them throughout the year. Amen

Fri 29 January 2021
Our God, we pray that you would bless Sam Gough as he trains Lucy Gamer in Tasmania. Thank you for raising up Lucy to be trained. Amen.

Sat 30 January 2021
Dear Father – please bless the work of Generate Services as they seek to fill vacant SRE teacher and School Chaplain roles throughout NSW. Please raise up Godly men and women to fill these vital roles and give Generate Services great wisdom and energy as they manage the complex issues associated with placement of workers in schools. Amen.

Sun 31 January 2021
Heavenly Father, thank you for giving Australia good leadership and relatively fair and honest government. Please be with our leaders as they make decisions that may impact the spread of the gospel and the rights of Christians. Amen.


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