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MTS provides prayer points from apprentices, trainers, churches, and ministry partners around Australia, and around the world. Please support us in prayer as we seek to multiply gospel workers through ministry apprentices.


Thur 30 July 2020
Dear Lord, please bring many prospective apprentices to the VIC Challenge Conference on August 1st in Melbourne.  Amen

Fri 31 July 2020
Dear Lord, please bring many people from all over the world to MTS Recruit 2020. Bless this conference Father for your glory.  Amen

Sat – Sun 1-2 August 2020
Dear Lord, please bless the VIC Challenge Conference happening today, and be with Richard Chin as he speaks on ‘Making Life Count for Eternity’. Amen.

Mon 3 August 2020
Heavenly Father, we pray for MTS Apprentices, that as COVID-19 restrictions ease and they see more people, you would give them persistent and passionate love for the lost and open many doors for the gospel. Amen.

Tues 4 August 2020
Father, thank you for answering our prayers in raising up two godly and gifted people to fill the roles of Events Co-ordinator and Communications Co-ordinator with MTS.  Amen.

Wed 5 August 2020
Lord God, we pray for the committee for MTS Recruit who are passionately serving Jesus with their many and varied gifts, and all as volunteers with multiple other ministries they are also serving in. Please bless their efforts. Amen.

Thur 6 August 2020
Dear Lord, we give thanks for the six MTS apprentices in Adelaide churches and ministries. Please raise up many more people to begin apprenticeships in South Australia in 2021. Amen.

Fri 7 August 2020
Dear Father, thank you for the many generous supporters who gave to the MTS Harvest EOFY Appeal.  Thank you for supplying the financial needs of MTS. Please continue to supply the necessary support for all the gospel ministries and missions working in your harvest field.  Amen.

Sat – Sun 8-9 August 2020
Dear God, please give all church leaders great wisdom as they work through the return to congregation meetings in light of continued ‘social distancing’ restrictions.  We pray that this would be a time of increased unity in purpose and spirit for your body, the Church.  Amen.

Mon 10 August 2020
Dear Father – please give the MTS staff team great wisdom in planning and executing strategies in the mission of raising up, training and resourcing MTS Trainers as they multiplying gospel workers through ministry apprenticeships. Amen.

Tues 11 August 2020
Dear Father – thank you for the new MTS Apprenticeship starting in Christ Community Church (Taringa, QLD)  in July 2020.  Please help Peter Bradbury and Christ Community Church to continue raising up harvest workers for years to come.  Amen

Wed 12 August 2020
Lord, we pray for relief from COVID-19, particularly for those in poorer nations who don’t have access to good healthcare. Please bless medical workers, charities and governments seeking to help the most vulnerable. Amen.

Thur 13 August 2020
Heavenly Father, we pray for those who intend to start MTS apprenticeships in 2021. Please help them to finish their current roles well, making the most of every opportunity to be ambassadors for Christ in their current situations.

Fri 14 August 2020
Dear God, we pray that despite the cancellation of the SA recruiting conference in 2020 because of COVID-19, many in South Australia would still be challenged to consider the pathway towards vocational ministry. Amen.

Sat – Sun 15-16 August 2020
Dear Lord, we pray for the ‘From Sydney to the World’ conference happening today online. Please help MTS to use this opportunity to encourage people to complete apprenticeships, or, if they are already in ministry, to train apprentices for a lifetime of mission. Amen.

Mon 17 August 2020
Dear Lord, we ask that MTS Trainers and Apprentices would be known nationwide for their prayerfulness and joyfulness (1 Thess 5:16-18). Amen.

Tues 18 August 2020
Dear Lord, thank you for St Peters Nightcliff in the Northern Territory, and their willingness to run a Local Conference Gathering (LCG) for MTS Recruit  Help St Peters to invite godly men and women to attend.  Help them with the organisation and preparation.  Lord, please use this LCG to inspire people to start an MTS ministry apprenticeship.  Amen.

Wed 19 August 2020
Dear Lord, thank you for MTS Trainers, for their commitment to raising the next generation of gospel workers. Please help them as they mentor and train their ministry apprentices. Amen.

Thur 20 August 2020
Dear Lord, we ask that you would be with the MTS Board as they meet tonight to think strategically for the organisation. Please give them wisdom and diligence. Amen.

Fri 21 August 2020
Father, we pray for wisdom for those organising the ‘Reaching Everyday People Conference’ for next year as they have their planning meeting today. Amen.

Sat – Sun 22-23 August 2020
Dear Father, please raise up godly future leaders for our churches in regional and rural areas of Australia. Amen.

Mon 24 August 2020
Lord God, thank you that there will be two Local Conference Gatherings in Zimbabwe for MTS Recruit. Please use this conference to encourage and inspire men and women in Zimbabwe to give their lives as ministers of the gospel in Africa. Amen.

Tues 25 August 2020
Dear Lord, we pray for the multiple different recruiting evenings happening in Queensland in September and October, that people will be challenged and helped in their thinking about full-time ministry. Amen.

Wed 26 August 2020
Dear Father, please bless Hayden Smith at Emmanuel Anglican Church, Glenhaven (NSW) as he trains a ministry apprentice in 2020/2021.  Please help Hayden and Emmanuel Anglican Church to continue to raise up harvest workers for many years to come.  Amen.

Thur 27 August 2020
Dear Lord, please help those apprentices and trainers who find support raising difficult.  Please help them develop in this necessary area of ministry.  Amen.

Fri 28 August 2020
Lord, we pray for the Albury Men’s Convention happening tomorrow. Please bless Ben Pfahlert (MTS National Director) as he speaks, so that men would encouraged to follow Christ wholeheartedly. Amen

Sat – Sun 29-30 August 2020
Heavenly Father, we ask that you would work powerfully through the WA Challenge Conference happening on 5 September. Please draw many people to this conference who are suitable and ready to explore the possibility of vocational Word ministry. Amen.

Mon 31 August 2020
Lord, we pray that people of all ages, backgrounds and occupations would consider doing an MTS apprenticeship. Please raise up diverse servants who can represent your gospel to our vibrant country. Amen.


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