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MTS provides prayer points from apprentices, trainers, churches, and ministry partners around Australia, and around the world. Please support us in prayer as we seek to multiply gospel workers through ministry apprentices.


Tues 1 September 2020
Dear Father, please give the MTS Board members wisdom as they guide the direction of the MTS movement nationwide. We thank you for their godliness and their commitment. Amen.

Wed 2 September 2020
Dear Lord, please use the MTS Info Nights tonight at New Life Christian Church and tomorrow night at Marsfield Community Church to inspire more pastors to become trainers and more Christians to become apprentices. Amen.

Thur 3 September 2020
Heavenly Father, we pray that MTS’s monthly training Zoom-cast, today focused on ‘handling criticism in ministry’, will encourage and equip apprentices and trainers. Amen.

Fri 4 September 2020
Lord God, we pray for our MTS Recruit Committee as the conference is only a month away. Please grant them wisdom, clarity and calmness with all the new and exciting possibilities of running an online, international conference. Amen.

Sat 5 – Sun 6 September 2020
Our God, please work through the WA Challenge Conference taking place today to raise up labourers for the harvest, including for cross-cultural mission (a focus of this year’s conference). Amen.

Mon 7 September 2020
Dear Father, please give all church leaders great wisdom as they manage the regularly changing restrictions and advice regarding COVID 19 and social distancing. We pray that despite the uncertainty this would be a time of faithful dependence on Christ by your body (the church). Amen.

Tues 8 September 2020
Dear Lord, we pray for the young adults at Christ Community Church in Toowong who are thinking about undertaking apprenticeships in 2021. Please give them insight and wisdom as they make big decisions. Amen.

Wed 9 September 2020
Heavenly Father, we pray for the MTS staff retreat next month, that it will be a great time of planning and fellowship as the team seek to multiply Gospel Workers through Ministry Apprenticeships. Amen.

Thur 10 September 2020
Lord, give wisdom to Vision 100 Tasmania as they seek to plant 100 churches on the ‘Apple Isle’. Help them to recruit apprentices to join planters, when they plant. Amen

Fri 11 September 2020
Lord, we praise you for ten ministry apprentices who gather weekly in Perth for preaching training. We pray that the input and the feedback will develop the clarity and faithfulness of the ministry apprentices as they practice preaching on Psalms this semester. Amen.

Sat 12 – Sun 13 September 2020
Dear Father, thank you for the 14 new apprentice trainers who registered with MTS for 2020. Please bless their ministry training and enable them to multiply gospel workers through ministry apprenticeships for years to come. Please enable these new trainers to train apprentices who would go on to train other ministry apprentices in the future (that is they would become an MTS ‘Entruster’). Amen.

Mon 14 September 2020
Dear God, please help apprentices to learn competency in comforting and counselling people who are suffering from physical and mental illnesses, especially in these COVID times. Amen.

Tues 15 September 2020
Dear God, thank you for the work of Generate Ministries in supporting SRE and Chaplaincy programs in our schools.  Please bless the work of Generate and enable the vacancies in SRE teacher and School Chaplaincy positions across NSW to be filled. Amen.

Wed 16 September 2020
Dear Lord, please continue to raise up gospel workers in, and for, regional and rural areas of Australia. Bless the current MTS trainers and apprentices in these communities. Amen.

Thur 17 September 2020
God, we praise you for the safe arrival of Levi Joseph Hoey on 19th August – mum Melody was the MTS Events Coordinator. We pray that he would grow to have a strong faith in you. Amen.

Fri 18 September 2020
Lord, we pray that those trainers around the world with less resources and a more serious COVID situation than Australia will still be able to raise up workers for the harvest. Amen.

Sat 19 – Sun 20 September 2020
Dear Father, please bless Leigh Zadro at All Saints Anglican Church North Epping (NSW) as he trains a ministry apprentice in 2020/2021.  Please help Leigh and All Saint’s Anglican Church to continue to raise up harvest workers for many years to come. Amen

Mon 21 September 2020
Dear God, please raise up many workers for the harvest field in in South Australia in 2021 after a smaller cohort in 2020. Amen.

Tues 22 September 2020
Lord, we pray for the challenges ministers in Darwin face when it comes to consider training ministry apprentices. Many are overstretched, under resourced, deal with a very transient population, and a number of them have little theological or ministry training themselves. Please give them strength and wisdom. Amen.

Wed 23 September 2020
Heavenly Father, we pray for our speakers for MTS Recruit, Phillip Jensen and Ray Galea. Please help them to be faithful to the Scriptures, emboldened by the Holy Spirit and remain healthy and safe in the lead up to the conference. Amen.

Thur 24 September 2020
Dear Lord, we ask that people in churches nationwide will be passionate about reaching the world for Jesus, and that they would consider preaching the gospel of Jesus to the world as their vocation. Amen

Fri 25 September 2020
Dear Father, please give the MTS staff team great wisdom in planning and executing strategies in the mission of raising up, training and resourcing MTS Trainers as they multiplying gospel workers through ministry apprenticeships. Amen.

Sat 26 – Sun 27 September 2020
Lord, we pray for St Lucia Bible Church. Thank you for current apprentices Josh and Sophie (both in first year), and pray that you would bring one or two more apprentices to the church for 2021. Amen.

Mon 28 September 2020
Dear Lord, please give wisdom and guidance to those who attended VIC Challenge last month, as they decide what their next step in gospel ministry may be. Amen.

Tues 29 September 2020
Lord, we pray over the technology for MTS Recruit, as livestreaming a global conference comes with its challenges. Please help it all the run smoothly, without issues at either end, to your glory. Amen.

Wed 30 September 2020
Dear Father, thank you for the new MTS apprentice who started at St Paul’s Anglican Church Tamworth in July 2020.  Please help Darrell Parker and St Paul’s Anglican Church Tamworth to continue raising up harvest workers for years to come. Amen.


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