Raising funds to raise up harvest workers globally

At the 2023 G8 National Conference, MTS continued our tradition of conducting fundraising for MTS ministry around the world. We have a great privilege in Australia where apprentices are supported with reasonable scholarships that give them the freedom to do their ministry and be trained, but that isn’t the case for everyone. 

For many apprentices around the world, stopping work to do an apprenticeship isn’t just a change in job, but rather a move to doing work for very little or even no income. Many potential apprentices are supporting their families financially through their existing work, so they need help with funding to make ministry training plausible! 

This year, G8 attendees donated to support apprentices from Durban, South Africa, who work at Christ Church Glenwood and their local uni ministry, The Bible Talks KZN (TBT). Their current apprentices, Nomfundo Ngubane and Siyanda Mbuyazi are trained by Kwazi Buthelezi, who is the TBT Campus Director. 

Thanks to the generosity of those attending G8 in Australia, we were able to raise $5,892! Partnership with Anglican Aid through a matching fund means TBT will receive $11,194 AUD towards their apprentice training and ministry. 

MTS Director of Training Russ Smidt says, “In some places, the blockage to raising up gospel workers is a lack of competent trainers and willing apprentices. This is not so in South Africa… just money. It is a joy to give generously to keep these dear gospel partners going.” 

Kwazi, Nomfundo and Siyanda shared this video with us, expressing their thanks:

Learn more about The Bible Talks KSN (TBT) ministry here