Partnerships to see the good news of Jesus known

Partnerships to see the good news of Jesus known

MTS is excited to announce that James Hoey has recently stepped into the role of Director of Partnerships. James has a great passion for seeing gospel workers trained well to make Jesus known. Since 2021 James has been the MTS Partnerships Developer for Victoria, a job he absolutely excelled in and still holds a special place in his heart. 

James started his career with an MTS apprenticeship. He shares, “I originally wanted to go straight to Bible college and I had a wise pastor slow me down and said I should think about an apprenticeship, test the skills and grow in character, convictions and competencies.”

James had no idea what any of that meant – so he started looking into MTS and decided to do one, eventually completing his apprenticeship under trainer Tim Grant at Grace Christian Community Church in 2013/14. 

James says, “I loved my ministry apprenticeship and I was really keen to get involved in more things. So I continued going to recruiting conferences and bringing friends to that sort of stuff. I ended up going to Bible college and I did a research project on MTS in Victoria. And as I did that I realised I really enjoyed seeing God’s faithfulness through the MTS organisation and the fruit of MTS in seeing more men and women raised up for Gospel ministry. I wanted to get involved with that to see more of that happen so we can have more people proclaiming the name of Jesus.”

Eventually, James’ powerful conviction for the gospel and love of MTS led James to join the team, and now in 2024 we couldn’t be more excited to see him step into his new role as Director of Partnerships.

James says, “I’ve just begun a new role as the Director of Partnerships and starting off I’m focusing on creating pathways. MTS has great pathways and resources to help potential apprentices think through how to become apprentices going through the belief barriers and that sort of stuff or blockages.

But now as the Director of Partnerships, my role is helping denominations, other parachurch ministries and churches to think through how they can enable their pastors to go from a church pastor to become an MTS trainer.

This means helping them with the resources and the theology of training and showing them how MTS can continue to support them as they train the next generation of gospel workers.”

Effective ministry trainers shape well-trained apprentices who become valuable ministry workers in countless churches, mission fields and ministries worldwide! Through the work of James and our other members of the partnerships team, pastors are becoming MTS trainers and churches and parachurch ministries are creating cultures of training that will see workers trained to make Jesus known. 

James shares, “We see the fruit of MTS as people coming to know and love Jesus as there’s more people proclaiming the good news of Jesus. We need to invest time and effort into getting more ministries and churches and pastors involved in the MTS movement of trainers training apprentices. And MTS is there to enable and to free up space to see that happen more not just here in Australia, but across the world.”

James continues, “MTS seeks to serve and to love our partners and enable them to do the best training they can. And to do more training to see more raised up to serve Jesus wherever God has placed them.”

Can you partner with MTS this end of financial year to help more apprentices benefit from exceptional trainers? We rely on you to make the work James and the entire team do possible. Give to the MTS Harvest EOFY appeal here.