Next steps for MTS Recruit Delegates – Ruth Sheath

If you’ll be attending MTS Recruit as a Delegate (or even as a trainer!), we hope you’ll find many things to think about in the talks, peer groups and mentoring discussions.

Ruth Sheath is an MTS trainer who has provided a helpful framework for Delegates to use to process the conference:

As you listen to talks, speak with others and reflect on what you are hearing this weekend consider the areas of your life God is asking you to grow and change. Think about how MTS Recruit could shape your heart, head and hands.


Are there behaviours/attitudes God is prompting you to repent of?

How could you be growing in your love of Christ?


Is there a way of thinking God is prompting you to reconsider?

How could you be growing in your knowledge of Christ?


Is there a way you could change what you do in your week so you could serve God in new ways/more deliberate and regular ministries?

How could you be growing in your ability/skills in serving Christ?

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