MTS T-Shirt Helpers – Oxygen 14

MTS is hosting the hard launch of the “MTS Multiply 500” initiative at the KCC Oxygen Conference 2014. We want to double the number of apprentices training across Australia to reach 500 in 2016.

But we need your help.

At Oxygen, people can commit to Multiply 500 is by filling in a simple A6 response form and getting it into the fishbowl at the MTS stand.

The problem is, it is difficult for 2,500 people to get to the stand … so we decided to take the stand to the people.

We want to enlist the help of 30 volunteers who can be like “mini-stands”.

We imagine it working like this:

Pastors attending Oxygen might watch the MTS video before the session and think to themselves, “Mmm, I’d like to talk to MTS about training apprentices.” But then they get talking to a friend after the session. They don’t get to the stand. BUT, if they see a blue T-Shirt wearing MTS Helper nearby, they can simply tap them on the shoulder and say, “Hey, I’d like to ask about apprenticeships”. The Helper says, “Cool. Perhaps the best thing to do is fill in this MTS Response Card right now. MTS will contact you within two weeks of Oxygen and answer all your questions. Once you’ve filled your card in, I’ll take it to the MTS Stand and put it in their fishbowl. That will also put you in the draw to win an iPad mini”.

It is our hope that we get 200 response cards filled in at Oxygen which, God willing, will result in hundreds more apprentices being trained.

Can you be an MTS Helper at Oxygen 2014?

Will you do the following to help MTS:

  • 1. Register your willingness to help by emailing: [email protected]
  • 2. Wear one of our blue MTS Multiply 500 T-Shirts for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
  • 3. Carry a supply of 10 x A6 Response Cards (& a pen)
  • 4. Help people when they ask you for assistance
  • 5. Take their response cards to the fishbowl at the MTS Stand

Click here to see the “Response Card”.

We would also love you to join us at the MTS Lunch on Wednesday at Oxygen! It will be a great celebration.