“MTS absolutely appeals to us” – why Kirsty and Ian give to MTS

With so many worthwhile organisations out there to support, what causes someone to choose to support MTS?

For Kirsty and Ian Bucknell, it’s MTS’ structured, strategic approach to training ministry leaders that makes it a no-brainer for them to support.

“MTS absolutely appeals to us as it’s so critical that we have people trained up in sustainable ministry habits. The apprenticeship helps people appreciate the joys and difficulties of ministry,” Kirsty explains.

Kirsty and Ian are particularly keen on the purposeful process MTS follows in seeking out and recruiting new apprentices. While this is a process that often takes several years, it’s certainly not wasted time, as people seriously consider their futures.

“The structured approach to recruitment makes the process more intentional,” Kirsty says. “It gives time for potential apprentices to explore.”

When considering giving, Ian and Kirsty urge a similarly considered approach! “Have a strategy for giving your money,” Kirsty suggests. She says that Christians should aim to ‘give in 3D’ – considering not just supporting across geographical lines but also across the generations.

Want to start supporting the training of future ministry leaders? Find out how your gifts to MTS can make a difference.