Mentoring Discussions – Dave Martin

At MTS Recruit, delegates will get the opportunity to meet 1 on 1 with an older Christian and talk through their plans for the future. This is always a highlight of recruiting conferences, providing delegates with clarity, fresh perspectives and lots to think about in the future.

Dave Martin will be one of the mentors, and he shares how he’s planning to help his mentees grapple with the big decisions ahead of them:

There are so many other competing voices in today’s world. A conversation about the possibility of full time ministry as a legitimate alternative to some career can be really valuable. It can put before people the plentiful harvest and the shortage of harvest workers (Matthew 9:37). It also gives people the opportunity to ask their questions and raise their concerns. Someone who has gone before them on this ministry pathway can speak wisdom into a younger person’s life as they grapple with this rather big decision.

While it will be a discussion, I find it’s often best to listen more than talk. The issues I may have grappled with may not be their issues. Listening allows you to speak more directly to the concerns they have. That said, what most people really struggle with even if these are not articulated clearly, are the issue of financial security, the issue of perceived unworthiness (that is, they still struggle with sin) and the discomfort, difficulty and insecurity of full time ministry. Moreover, ministry ‘success’ is so much less quantifiable. People have to be persuaded that God will sustain the ministry worker emotionally, spiritually and physically. It comes down to trust.

Being available for full time ministry is a big step of faith in God and his powerful gospel. And therefore, at some point in the conversation I like to ask what motivates people; what really energises them. In the end, the only thing that will compel someone into life long gospel ministry is the love of Christ. I listen to see if this is present!

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