Looking at a new year of exciting developments for gospel growth

Looking at a new year of exciting developments for gospel growth

On 1st of January 2014, MTS launched arguably its biggest innovation: The MTS Scholarship – now available to all. The effect is to reduce the cost of an apprenticeship and open up new
gospel opportunities.

We now pray that God may use this initiative to raise up our target of 10,000 Gospel Apprentices by 2020!

In 2013, 1,075 men and women went to a recruiting conference to think about embarking on the 2 year full-time ministry apprenticeship – a 12% increase on the previous year.

At the end of 2013 there were 250 MTS Apprentices in training across the nation (our second largest number ever), under the guidance of 141 individual trainers in 88 training centres (Churches/Ministries).

A highlight of the year was the brilliant MTS G8 National Apprentice Conference that moulded first year apprentices and prepared those in their second year, to train others.

In 2013, MTS also put in place systems to monitor the training of all registered MTS Apprentices, which has had a high approval rating from participants.

Another 2013 initiative was to introduce exciting developments for widening the scope of apprenticeship opportunity.

In our society, neither age nor profession act as barriers to gospel ministry, and yet we are used to the idea that ministry leadership only attracts younger well-educated professional members
of our churches.

Yet when we look back to biblical times we can see that God’s leaders were both young and old (like Joseph and Moses), professional and trades people (like Luke and Peter).

So MTS is moving apprentices into a number of new ministry areas including Blue-Collar, Cross-Cultural and Prime-Time Ministry. Read on to see how these are areas where opportunities for gospel ministry abound.