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$50,239.00 raised at 12 Apr 2021
15 month target at 12 Apr 2021 $42,812.50
24 month target $68,500.00

Hunter Bible Church

I am very thankful to have the privilege of doing an MTS apprenticeship through HBC. I am excited by the opportunity to grow in my discipleship skills and opportunities to share the gospel. Josie and I are keen to continue to live our lives for Jesus and build his kingdom. MTS is a great way to equip us to do this.

Prayer Points

  • Pray that more people would investigate Jesus and be save around Newcastle and beyond
  • Thank God that he has been saving people throughout this lockdown period. Pray for these people who have become Christians, that Jesus would hold them and they would rely on his saving grace as they grow.
  • Pray for our church as we come out of lockdown. That people would be keen to gather as God’s people.
  • Pray for wisdom as we continue to think about whether it is good idea for us to go to Bible College
  • Pray for our relationship with each other that it would continue to grow as we work together and serve each other sacrificially for God’s glory

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