Tim Hearne

Tim Hearne

Tim Hearne

$50,121.00 raised at 24 May 2024
16 month target at 24 May 2024 $44,666.67
24 month target $67,000.00

Hunter Bible Church | Trainer: Sam Hilton

Hi there, I’m Tim!

I grew up in a small country town called Quirindi before moving to Newcastle to study law at university. After working as a solicitor I am so excited to jump into MTS. I am married to the lovely Jo who works as a physio and is studying part time at Moore Theological College. I cannot wait to see how God will use and grow me over the next two years as I am freed up to do gospel work full time. Thank you so much for partnering with me, your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

Prayer Points

  1. For humility and that I would be depending on God in all things, not relying on our own strength.
  2. For Jo and me in our marriage. 
  3. For Christ to use us to glorify himself. That’s why we want to serve him. Please pray he will use us to this end.

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