Tara Prince

Tara Prince

Tara Prince

$20,388.00 raised at 1 Jul 2022
18 month target at 1 Jul 2022 $21,375.00
24 month target $28,500.00

New Life Presbyterian Church Gungahlin | Trainer: Vicki Nicholas

About me in numbers

I’m 45 and have been married to Jason for 21 years. We have 2 kids Beth who’s 12 and Liam who’s 10. We’ve lived in Canberra the last 7 years, but lived most of the rest of our lives in Sydney.

What’s led me on the path to being a ministry apprentice?

Chronic health issues and related disability over the last three years has helped me to know the measure of my days and how fleeting I am! What is left of my life is short and my life where I am well is even shorter. So I want to use the time I have left to be a part of the Lord’s work to grow his kingdom, encouraging others in their relationship with him, to have their joy in him.

About my ministry apprenticeship

I’ll be doing a ministry apprenticeship at my local church, New Life Presbyterian Church, Gungahlin. My vision for my apprenticeship is to be equipped to love and encourage other women in their faith in the Lord, that that they grow in their:

  • Delight in and love for God
  • Reliance on his grace in Christ
  • Knowledge of him through his word
  • Prayerful dependence on him
  • Love for and service of the body of Christ and the world

I’ll be doing this through one-on-one bible reading, prayer, bible study, pastoral care and growing connections and spiritual encouragement between women at New Life.

Supporting my ministry apprenticeship 

Changing mid-life from 20 years as a social worker to becoming a ministry apprentice is equally exciting and terrifying. I can only do this with God’s help, and would really love your partnership in this ministry, your prayers and support as I begin this journey. 

Prayer Points

  • Continued improvements to my health
  • Growing knowledge of the bible and knowing God more through theological study
  • Love for those I minister to, so that God is glorified
  • Loving my family well
  • Prayerful dependence on God for everything

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