Stephen Strongman

Stephen Strongman

Stephen Strongman

$5.00 raised at 6 Dec 2021
0 month target at 6 Dec 2021 $0.00
24 month target $80,000.00

Hunter Bible Church | Trainer: Scott Curtis


Thanks for partnering with me as I share Jesus with people in Newcastle!


Prayer Points

My prayer is that through our partnership you would be empowered in my Newcastle ministry, and that we would grow in Jesus together.

I would feel stoked if you prayed for,

  • Greg Lee as he leads Hunter Bible Church with the mission to see 30,000 Newcastle people saved!
  • My friends in Newcastle who don’t know Jesus, particularly N, T, L, L, F, E, & E.
  • Areas of the world that are not as well equipped with the gospel as Newcastle. #U&U2022/23
  • My personal training, that it will be centered on the Cross of Christ.
  • My growth in Jesus, particularly that I might develop greater self awareness and deep, meaningful relationships.
  • My dependance on God and that he might use me to grow healthy disciples for the sake of Jesus.
  • Our mutual encouragement!

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