Rebekah Barry

Rebekah Barry

Rebekah Barry

$20,830.00 raised at 18 Jun 2024
5 month target at 18 Jun 2024 $6,250.00
24 month target $30,000.00

Living Hope Anglican Church East Lindfield | Trainer: Matt Heazlewood

Hallo (and Thank you for the visit to this page)!

I’m excited to be starting ministry training at Living Hope Anglican (St Peter’s East Lindfield and St Martin’s Killara) this next year.

I long to see the people of  Sydney and Australia and all nations know who Jesus is and am keen to start on our doorstep in East Lindfield and Killara.

Prayer Points

I would LOVE your prayer for:

  • The people of East Lindfield and Killara and beyond to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour!
  • Our team at Living Hope Anglican to faithfully share Jesus with our local community and partner well with our mission partners overseas.
  • Myself that I would glorify God and keep my focus on Him in everything I do.

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