Preeti Jadav

Preeti Jadav

Preeti Jadav

$33,222.50 raised at 17 May 2024
16 month target at 17 May 2024 $48,695.65
23 month target $70,000.00

St John’s Anglican Cathedral Parramatta | Trainer: Carmen Lau

Hi, my name is Preeti!

In 2023, I’ll be starting the Youthworks/MTS Pathway, which means I’ll be learning about kids and youth ministry at Youthworks College in Newtown, and also be getting hands-on experience at St John’s Parramatta! I’m super passionate about working with kids and helping them see that the kingdom of God is here for them too!

Thank you for helping me share this good news with them!


Prayer Points

Thank God for this opportunity to grow his kingdom.

Pray that he would be sustaining me as I go to both college and church.

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