Olivia Steven

Olivia Steven

Olivia Steven

$10,905.00 raised at 16 Jul 2024
6 month target at 16 Jul 2024 $11,250.00
24 month target $45,000.00

City on a Hill Geelong | Trainer: David Chiswell


My name is Olivia and I am very exited to  doing this apprenticeship. My main focus will be the kid’s ministry, and I am keen to further my ability to teach young people the gospel and to grow in my own knowledge of God and the bible in these next two years.

Prayer Points

  • That I am able to do well in the place that God had put me for the next two years and use it for His glory.
  • One of my goals this year is to get a system started for training youth volunteers for the kid’s ministry and getting them on the roster.

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