Nicola Aquilina

Nicola Aquilina

Nicola Aquilina

$15,600.00 raised at 25 May 2022
4 month target at 25 May 2022 $13,333.33
24 month target $80,000.00

Bateau Bay Baptist Church | Trainer: Mike Littlefair

Thanks for clicking on my face. I want to learn how to share Jesus with others, and that means asking for your help. Thank you for your prayers and for giving to this fund, allowing me to spend a larger chunk of my week focused on exploring the bible and learning how to share God’s word. May this program be a blessing to you also, as you support through prayer and/or resources.

Prayer Points

  • That my focus remains on Jesus, and not on each task or deadline.
  • For my church family, that this will be a blessing to them as they provide various avenues of support and encouragement.
  • For my relationships, that I ensure to reserve time and energy for building and strengthening them.
  • That I pray.

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