Nathan Hiscock

Nathan Hiscock

Nathan Hiscock

$29,500.00 raised at 16 Jul 2024
6 month target at 16 Jul 2024 $20,100.00
24 month target $80,400.00

Geraldton Anglican Cathedral | Trainer: Lachlan Edwards

When I was younger, I used to think I wasn’t a proper Christian because I didn’t have this big moment that so many people were talking about. I was raised always knowing who Jesus was and that if I choose to follow him, I didn’t need to fear God’s judgement. My journey is better described as many small moments where a new facet of Jesus or Christianity is revealed to me and I am called to reassess my decision to live for Christ. Often these small moments have been a real struggle to push through but under God’s guidance I’ve come out the other side still able to say “God is still good, I want to continue to live my life for Christ!”.

The last few years I’ve been dedicating my time and effort to serving and encouraging my congregation within Geraldton’s Anglican Cathedral. This had taken me on a journey into spaces I never would have dared to walk. Most recently, for the last year I have taken on learning the organ and playing hymns weekly with our choir. Now, for these next two years, I am dedicated to ministry and learning how God might further use me for His kingdom.

Prayer Points

Serving God, while being a great joy, is both the best job in the world and the hardest. We also know that the harvest is great, but the workers are few. This is why I want to serve through MTS to find out if God is calling me to serve him through ministry. Please pray for me that throughout my apprenticeship, God might grant me wisdom and understanding for how He has gifted me to serve in His Kingdom. Please also pray for my mentor, Lachlan, as I am also his first apprentice of hopefully many. Pray that he and I will make a good team as we learn what apprentice and mentor-ship looks like, and that we are fruitful in our work for God’s kingdom, both now and in the future.

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