Natalie Lim

Natalie Lim

Natalie Lim

$45,111.00 raised at 1 Jul 2022
18 month target at 1 Jul 2022 $46,702.50
24 month target $62,270.00

City Bible Forum Melbourne | Trainer: David Chan

Hello! My name is Natalie and this year I’ll be undertaking an apprentice role at City Bible Forum. I’m super excited to be starting this role in ministry and seeing what God will do in the next two years. Though my background lies in the performing arts, I know that God has placed me in this position for a reason and all in His good timing.

Please pray and journey along with me as I go through this apprenticeship. If you’d like to do more than pray for my journey, would you consider partnering with me financially as I seek to help reach the good news of Jesus in a ministry capacity.

Thank you in advance and God bless!

Prayer Points

To be able to reach those in work ministry effectively and efficiently.

To learn to lean into God’s voice and find rest during times where I feel like I’m failing.

To commit to application and not just be knowledge based.

To learn to trust in Him fully with the work that I am doing.


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