Michael Stuart

Michael Stuart

Michael Stuart

$10,158.00 raised at 24 May 2024
4 month target at 24 May 2024 $11,000.00
24 month target $66,000.00

St Mark’s UNEchurch Armidale | Trainer: Matthew Sheridan

Hello, my name’s Michael and I’ll be starting MTS in 2024. I’ll be working with students on the UNE campus and at St Mark’s church. I’m really looking forward to starting this apprenticeship as it will be a new direction and a completely different workspace from my current job. I’m also really looking forward to serving more actively and practically at church, getting to know more people across the congregations, and discovering how God can best use me for His kingdom here in Armidale and in the future. I hope the two years will be fruitful not only for church and campus, but also for my own personal walk, as although I know it will be challenging at times, I know it will also be a period of growth and refinement.

Prayer Points

Pray for me and the team at St Mark’s:

  • that I and the other apprentices would slot into the team quickly and easily
  • that we would work co-operatively
  • that God would be at work the lives of both the church leadership and the church congregation
  • that doors would be open, opportunities obvious and frequent, and hearts ready and willing to hear the gospel
  • and that we will work faithfully and not complacently as we help build the kingdom

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