Mark Burbridge

Mark Burbridge

Mark Burbridge

$86,130.00 raised at 24 May 2024
10 month target at 24 May 2024 $45,833.33
24 month target $110,000.00

Southern Christian Church Success | Trainer: Ashley Horton

Hi everyone! My name is Mark.

I’ve spent the first 20 years of my adult life working in Government and IT, but after seeing the powerful work that Christ has performed in my life, and knowing the great need for so many to hear about Jesus, I hope to grow in my ability to serve the Lord through full-time ministry.

I’ve been given a great opportunity to be trained for Ministry through a 2 year Ministry Apprenticeship with Southern Christian Church. I’m excited to be learning more about sharing the gospel, handling God’s Word, and how to use my life and the gifts God has blessed me with to serve His kingdom.

I am grateful and praise God for any support, whether big or small, that you are able to provide. My prayer is that God will work through your support for me to see many people brought to Christ.

Thank you!

Prayer Points

Please pray for me in this journey:

  • That I might have wisdom, humility, and trust in God as I undertake this apprenticeship.
  • For energy, patience, and wisdom for the many wonderful people God has put around me to train and support me.
  • That I might be clear and speak God’s word faithfully as I learn to preach and teach.

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