Leighton Rowe

Leighton Rowe

Leighton Rowe

$49,512.43 raised at 5 Dec 2023
23 month target at 5 Dec 2023 $57,500.00
24 month target $60,000.00

Clifton Hill Presbyterian Church | Trainer: Bill Medley

Hi my name is Leighton and for the past two and a bit years I’ve been attending City on a Hill Melbourne East. I worked in accounting for nearly four years in which I finished up at the firm I was working at in February 2021. I have a strong passion for studying God’s Word, knowing Jesus, and making Jesus known in this world. This passion has only grown with time and therefore when this opportunity presented itself to undergo a two year apprenticeship, the thought of working in Ministry full-time brought me such joy and excitement. This opportunity is something that I have prayed deeply about and feel that this is an appropriate time to pursue this.

For the next couple of years, God willing, I’m going to be doing an MTS apprenticeship through Clifton Hill Presbyterian Church. I’m really excited for all the opportunities to serve God throughout this apprenticeship, and am praying that God will use me to glorify His name throughout. This apprenticeship is a perfect opportunity to identify the specific calling God has over my life.


Prayer Points

  • Prayer that God will continue to reveal more of His glory to me
  • Prayer that God’s name will be glorified and magnified through my two year apprenticeship
  • Prayer that God will equip me throughout this apprenticeship for current and future ministry work

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