Laura Clark

Laura Clark

Laura Clark

$15,875.00 raised at 20 Feb 2024
1 month target at 20 Feb 2024 $3,083.33
24 month target $74,000.00

Salt Church Wollongong | Trainer: Natalie Plaege

Hi! I’m Laura and I live in Wollongong with my husband, Adam and our cat, Lockie. We are both doing our MTS Apprenticeships here in Wollongong in our local church, Salt. We love doing ministry together at our church and are keen to keep growing and being trained to share the Gospel well!

I am excited to share this journey with you all!

Prayer Points

– Praise God for the support raised so far and the wonderful partnerships made!

– Prayer for growth as I continue to adjust to the flexible and unique experience that MTS is and offers.

– Praise God for the opportunity that I have to be freed up to work full time in ministry.

– Pray for wisdom in how to schedule and use my time well for the God’s glory.

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