Kaysia Younes

Kaysia Younes

Kaysia Younes

$11,278.00 raised at 18 Jan 2022
12 month target at 18 Jan 2022 $20,000.00
24 month target $40,000.00

Hope Anglican Church, Leppington | Trainer: Amelia van Netten

I’ve grown up in Sydney’s south-west and love living here and seeing the growth- but it’s devastating that there are so many who don’t yet know Jesus as their Lord. This truth has transformed my heart and life over the past few years, and led me to take on MTS. Over 2021/22 I’ll be training at Hope Anglican Church in Leppington. I’m excited to be training mainly in children’s ministry and will be involved in a range of ministries such as kids church, kids club, and scripture. I’ll also be leading a young adult women’s bible study, leading Church outreach courses, and meeting 1 to 1 with young girls to read the bible. I’m praying that we would continue to develop our ministries to keep reaching the thousands of children and families moving into the new and growing area around us.

Prayer Points

Pray for a continued desire to grow in my love for God, and discipline to do this as life and ministry get busier.

Pray for wisdom in balancing ministries, family and study so that I would be honouring God in all I do.

Pray that every child and family in Sydney’s new south-west would know the hope of Jesus and call Him their Lord!

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