Joshua Davidson

Joshua Davidson

Joshua Davidson

$40,430.00 raised at 16 Jul 2024
18 month target at 16 Jul 2024 $41,250.00
24 month target $55,000.00

Hunter Bible Church | Trainer: David Robertson

Hi I’m Josh (or Davo)

I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to embark on the journey of MTS and grow in my Character and competency over the next two years. I believe that Jesus is the centre of all things and that all things were made for Him, to bring Him glory, honour and praise. I look forward to spending my time thinking about how I can use my life to bring God glory and how I can help others to do this as well. I look forward to opening the Bible with loads of people especially around Newcastle Uni where I will be spending a great deal of my time.

I am excited to see God working in all situations. I am excited to grow new relationships with people. I am excited to bring the word of God to people who don’t yet know Him. All the while, knowing that I will make mistakes along the way, I am excited to be grown through a tough and testing two years where I will tackle the challenge in Romans 12:

‘Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God – this is your true and proper worship’ Romans 12:1

I look forward to the opportunities to continue this after MTS. I’m not 100% sure of how I want to serve God after MTS, but I am hoping to find some clarity along the way.

I want to extend a colossal thank you to anyone who is willing to support me along the way through prayer, finances, encouragement and training. I thank God for you all. If you are interested in supporting me please click on that button.

Prayer Points

  • Please pray that I will be ready to admit my faults quickly at every step along the way in this apprenticeship
  • Please pray for the ministries that I will be involved heavily in at church (Colleges ministry at university of Newcastle (UON), Unichurch Mission and Kids Church at our PM congregation at Hunter Bible Church (HBC), that God will be glorified through all of these
  • Please pray for my cohort of MTSers that I will be training alongside, that they would also grow in character and competency too, and that they would be able to glorify God in their ministries as well
  • Please pray for the massive changes going on at HBC over the course of my MTS. Planting two new church buildings and moving 3 large congregations into those new properties.
  • Lastly please pray for the salvation of thousands of Uni students at UON, that they might hear the gospel and believe in the saving power of Jesus.

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