John Brackenbury

John Brackenbury

John Brackenbury

$47,340.00 raised at 17 May 2024
16 month target at 17 May 2024 $48,000.00
24 month target $72,000.00

City Bible Forum Sydney | Trainer: Mark Leong

Hey there! After 5 years at CommBank, I’m putting aside my work in Risk Management to undertake an apprenticeship with City Bible Forum (CBF) over 2023-24.

CBF’s mission is Reaching the world through workers with the good news about Jesus. I am participating in that mission by connecting with my former colleagues, and equipping and supporting other workers to do the same in their work contexts. I am particularly focussed on the young workers segment in supporting CBF’s network Headstart. (If you know any Christians in their first few years of full time work, send them our way! Info here, or give them my details.) Through Headstart and other CBF ministries over the past 3 years, my perspective on living to glorify God at work everyday has grown immensely, especially in my approach to workplace evangelism. I’m excited to see others grow in this way, even as I will be continuing to grow myself.

Whilst working with CBF and receiving hands-on training with my trainers Mark and Grace, I am also undertaking the Timothy Partnership, completing the Academic Studies in Theology Certificate (ASTC) as a first step into formal theological education. For me, most of the content will be delivered face-to-face through Cornhill, which focusses on training people to preach and teach the Bible in a way that is faithful, relevant and engaging. This study element of my apprenticeship will complement my ministry experience and prepare me for future theological study.

Thank you for your support and prayers.

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