Jasmine Kosach

Jasmine Kosach

Jasmine Kosach

$6,457.30 raised at 16 Jul 2024
5 month target at 16 Jul 2024 $3,478.26
23 month target $16,000.00

Redeemer Christian Church Huonville | Trainer: Isaac Lee

Hi all! I am Jasmine, wife to Ben and mother to our 7 wonderful kids.

Living in Southern Tasmania, I’m very excited to be doing a ministry apprenticeship at our small church Redeemer, in the Huon Valley.

My main focus is supporting women and families in our church, I like to talk and encourage others in their Faith walk and hope to help build the kingdom in our rural community. I’m so blessed to be learning and growing in my gifts and growing spiritually as a faithful servant of Christ.

Thank you for your support.


Prayer Points

Praise God for bringing me to Redeemer and for the support I have in my Leader Isaac and the church.

May God use me, shape me and help me grow so I can serve well and be a blessing, support and encouragement for others.


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