Jamie Byrne

Jamie Byrne

Jamie Byrne

$15,460.00 raised at 1 Jul 2022
6 month target at 1 Jul 2022 $18,500.00
24 month target $74,000.00

St James’ Anglican Church Croydon | Trainer: Jeri Jones Sparks

I am super excited to be serving in outreach ministries at my church this year while studying at SMBC and volunteering with Sydney Refugee Team. Since I became a Christian 5 years ago, God has shown me that He is powerful to heal, to save, and to restore what has been broken. My dream is to serve Him by living intentionally amongst the unreached, potentially by working in tourism in North Africa.

I strongly believe that swimming at the beach is better if you wear goggles, even though it looks daggy.

Prayer Points

  • Pray that I would learn to live in dependence on God. That I will trust Him with my money and follow the Spirit’s guidance each day.
  • Pray for the evangelism team who I will be serving with, that we will run powerful and transformative outreach ministries which reflect God’s love for the lost.
  • Pray for me as I use these next two years to discern where God is calling me and how I can serve Him there.

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