Jamie Byrne

Jamie Byrne

Jamie Byrne

$81,697.00 raised at 5 Dec 2023
23 month target at 5 Dec 2023 $77,145.83
24 month target $80,500.00

St James’ Anglican Church Croydon | Trainer: Jeri Jones Sparks

I am super excited to be serving in outreach ministries at my church this year while studying at Cornhill for one day per week. Since I became a Christianouth group at St James 7 years ago, God has shown me that He is powerful to save and to restore what has been broken.

My dream is to serve God by doing mission work amongst unreached people groups. I don’t yet know exactly where God wants me to serve Him, but I’m currently considering several places in the 10/40 Window (it’s a latitude ‘belt’ around the world containing the countries most resistant to Christianity)!

I see my current ministry as an opportunity to be prepared and refined for overseas work. And I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to use my background in travel & tourism to live and work and share the gospel over there.

I love coffee, sleep-ins, and a good deli sandwich! I’m always down to do the bay walk, no matter what time of day.

Prayer Points

  • Pray that I can find joy in being a student and a trainee this year. That I would be a student of God’s Word – obsessed with it, immersed in it, and humbled by it! And that I would be trained up, not just in skills, but in righteousness and obedience.
  • Please pray for my non-Christian family, who still don’t know our God of love.
  • Pray for the evangelism team who I serve with, that we would be bold and effective in sharing the gospel.
  • Pray for me as I use the next year of ministry training to discern where God is calling me to next, and that I would be willing and brave enough to follow His call!

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