Hamish Tilley

Hamish Tilley

Hamish Tilley

$11,120.00 raised at 18 Jun 2024
4 month target at 18 Jun 2024 $7,130.43
23 month target $41,000.00

Snug Christian Church | Trainer: Dan Headley


My name is Hamish. Why am I here you may ask? Over the past 7 years I’ve had the privilege of being apart of Snug Christian Church. The community there, and many other individuals for that matter, have served, challenged, encouraged and helped me in my relationship with Christ. Through God’s work upon my heart, the desire to serve and love this community and God’s creation has continued to increase to a point where I started considering part time work just to have more time for God and conversations about God. For a couple of years I’ve yearned to do more for God’s kingdom and was fortunate enough to have the elders at Snug allow me to try teaching a sermon. Wow! It was arguably the hardest thing I’ve ever done and praise God, I had many helping hands and prayers allow me to be edified through the process. It went well…a little too well for me to ignore God’s hand in it. This along with being involved in a young adults group and a couple of outreach evangelism programs has revealed a love to serve and to do it well. In recent years I’ve often found myself seriously questioning my motives and reasoning for being an engineer and started asking the question “how can I most glorify God?”. Here I am. I trust God will use me to grow His kingdom as I believe God will use my availability for His good and perfect will. I have no doubt the next two years as a MTS apprentice will challenge, teach and help me to better love God and love those around me.

I’m excited and a little bit scared to be changing course with my life to try ministry but I know God will guide me in His ways. Let’s just say, this decision has been a slow burn and I have great peace and joy with this change in direction.

I previously worked as a structural engineer for 6 years at a firm in Hobart. I enjoyed that job very much. I have always enjoyed mountain bike riding and being outdoors. I’m not much of a reader. I enjoy maths, physics and knowing how things work. I was raised in Christian household and felt God’s love upon me from a young age. I walked in my own ways through college years before turning back and seeing God’s wisdom and love for myself. If you’d like to hear my testimony, please get in touch.

Prayer Points

  • God would raise up workers. I hope God can use me to encourage others to step up and try something new for God.
  • That I would be humble before God and keep a heavenly perspective in all circumstances.
  • That I would grow in love for God and wisdom.
  • To see at least one person this year grasp and accept the gospel for themselves.
  • Churches of different denominations across Australia would become united under Jesus.

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