Hamish Coy

Hamish Coy

Hamish Coy

$33,915.00 raised at 21 Oct 2021
9 month target at 21 Oct 2021 $21,000.00
24 month target $56,000.00

St Paul’s Anglican Church, Carlingford & North Rocks | Trainer: Mike Everett


I’m doing MTS at St Paul’s Anglican Church Carlingford and North Rocks during 2021-22!  I am super excited about serving our Lord and Saviour Jesus and seeing His name glorfied.  I long to see more and more people come to know Jesus as their Lord and saviour and for all to be presented mature in Christ!  I want to do a better at serving Jesus and MTS is equipping me to do that.

I really want people partnering in prayer for me so please get in touch if you would like to recieve regular updates and prayer points by emailing me here  – [email protected]

Prayer Points

That I grow in love and trust of God.

That I can memorise some Bible verses.

That I see people turn to Jesus as Lord.

That I am trained in how to serve to church well and how to teach the Bible well.

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