Grace Flagg

Grace Flagg

Grace Flagg

$6,215.00 raised at 20 Feb 2024
1 month target at 20 Feb 2024 $1,875.00
24 month target $45,000.00

South Wagga Anglican Church | Trainer: Scott Goode


During these next couple of years I will be focusing in the area of children’s ministry for my MTS apprentiship. Hopefully this will lead to me becoming a Children’s Minister in the future!

If you choose to support me whether financially or not I greatly appreciate your efforts, please pray for me as I undertake this exiting adventure.

Kind Regards


Prayer Points

  1. Please play that my beginning in a different role in the church goes smoothly
  2. Please pray as I prepare to get started studying my Advanced Diploma in Theology.

Thank you for your prayers

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