Gabriel Aravena Brogan

Gabriel Aravena Brogan

Gabriel Aravena Brogan

$46,925.95 raised at 17 May 2024
16 month target at 17 May 2024 $69,484.00
24 month target $104,226.00

Naremburn Cammeray Anglican Church | Trainer: Nathan Walter

Hi I’m Gab! I love lots of things. I love my wife (Naomi), my family, my church, and anything tech related. But most of all I love the Lord Jesus! It truly is a real joy to be able to serve him and his people at NCA for these two years. I’m looking forward to be trained very much – I’m keen to learn the rhythms of serving Jesus in this particular way from some of the most godly men and women I know.

Prayer Points

Pray for me and my wife, that God would establish good patterns of life and ministry now that would allow us to serve him for a lifetime. And pray that I would learn to teach the word of God carefully and love the people of God generously.

Pray also for my church (Naremburn Cammeray Anglican) that God would equip the saints for ministry, and sustain the ministry team (especially Wal, our senior minister and my trainer).

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