Ezekiel Ting

Ezekiel Ting

Ezekiel Ting

$47,557.41 raised at 18 Jun 2024
5 month target at 18 Jun 2024 $29,166.67
24 month target $140,000.00

Coopers Plains Evangelical Church | Trainer: Matthew Fong

Hi, I’m Ezekiel (or Zeke for short).

I was born and raised in Brisbane and have been a part of Coopers Plains Evangelical Church for most of my life. I am married to my wife Trish and together we have a little boy called James.

I have recently been challenged and am excited to use the best of my time and energy (giving up my job as a lawyer) to work towards growing God’s kingdom and helping more people know him. To do this, I will be embarking on a 2-year full time ministry apprenticeship with CPE. What that means is that I will be behind the scenes learning all the ins and outs of church work with the staff team at CPE to see if a future in full time church work is for me. As a snapshot, some of my duties will involve coaching lifegroup leaders, leading the service leaders’ team and helping with Sunday School. I will also be aiming to grow my character so that I can better serve and provide pastoral care for others.

This is all of course a big step and I would not be able to do this without your support whether through prayers, personal encouragements (just keeping in touch), or giving financially. So I invite you to partner with me on this journey and if you would like to keep up to date with me these next two years, please let me know and I would  be happy to send you my monthly newsletter.



Prayer Points

Please pray:

  • for peace in the family as we transition into new routines
  • that I will learn to balance work and family priorities
  • God will grow me and the family in our conviction for Christ
  • that I will be patient and trust in God when the going gets tough

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