David Twohill

David Twohill

David Twohill

Ross River Anglican Church | Trainer: Tom Pountain

Ross River Anglican Church in Townsville has offered me the opportunity to serve God through an MTS apprenticeship.

I hope that God will guide me as to how I am to serve Him in the future, through this time of service and learning. I also hope to spread the gospel and serve to benefit God’s kingdom, for both members of the church and non-Christians.

I pray that by God’s grace I will be equipped for the work and that the investments of those who financially support me will grow God’s kingdom.

Prayer Points

  • That through my apprenticeship God’s will be done, and I will grow in humility and submission to Him.
  • That I will be equipped and prepared for the work set before, faithfully serving God and Ross Anglican Church by boldly proclaiming the gospel and honouring Him in all interactions.
  • That God may give me wisdom as how to best serve Him long term, whether it be in full-time ministry or in other ways, and that I can be looking after my family and faithfully submitting to Christ as Lord over all.

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