Cindy Evelyn

Cindy Evelyn

Cindy Evelyn

$17,665.00 raised at 17 May 2024
4 month target at 17 May 2024 $14,000.00
24 month target $84,000.00

Laneway Church Footscray | Trainer: Josh Allen

Hi there! I’m Cindy. I felt a strong urge to give myself more to the work of the gospel since my last year at uni, but I did not know any pathway that would allow me to grow in that capacity. I then did what I could – looking for a job that would enable me to have the financial resource and time to get more involved at church. With my science background and working as a research assistant in a medical research institute, I have always been surrounded by people who think critically and rely heavily on scientific explanations in forming their worldview. I’ve always looked for opportunities to talk about the Bible and my faith in Jesus to them, and every time the opportunity came up my heart would be racing fast. The conversations often ended with me hoping that I was better equipped at explaining the gospel and the Biblical framework. I then felt challenged to do Biblical studies so that I can ‘see’ God more clearly myself and adore Him even more, and that I can be ‘prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks [me] to give the reason for the hope that [I] have’ and that I will do this ‘with gentleness and respect’ as my studies and ministries shape my character (1 Peter 3:15). I completed Graduate Diploma of Divinity at Ridley College in Melbourne, which has given me a much deeper understanding of the Bible as well as greater joy and confidence in the gospel. The inevitable question then came from many around me, ‘What next?’ That was around the same time as me being made aware of the MTS apprenticeship program.

After much considerations and conversations, I decided to do the apprenticeship because it became very clear to me that I have been so compelled by the gospel and I really want to labour for the gospel. I want to help people see the beauty of the gospel and experience the joy of being a part of God’s church. I am therefore very excited to undertake a major responsibility of overseeing the Magnification purpose at my church where I get to help our church to magnify God and love God with all our being. A big part of this involves shaping our Sunday services in such a way that people can hear the gospel truths clearly communicated through all elements and are compelled to respond in delight and devotion. I will also be involved in our Maturity purpose where I get to help our church grow in Christ-likeness. For this purpose, I am co-leading a small group Bible study and contribute in writing the study materials. As a part of the apprenticeship, I will also continue to take subjects at Ridley college as a study component to the program.

Prayer Points

All these are very exciting, yet I am aware of my many weaknesses and I would like you to pray with me as I journey through the apprenticeship. Please pray that:

  • I will know God more and love Him more
  • I will continue to be humbled as I learn more of myself and of His grace & power
  • I will have more gospel conversations with my personal contacts who are yet to trust in Christ
  • I will serve Laneway Church with love (as in 1 Corinthians 13)
  • Laneway Church will grow in their delight and devotion to Christ
  • Many more in Melbourne, especially Melbourne’s west, will hear the gospel and be compelled by the gospel through Laneway Church

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