Charlotte Matthews

Charlotte Matthews

Charlotte Matthews

$25,460.00 raised at 16 Jul 2024
18 month target at 16 Jul 2024 $41,250.00
24 month target $55,000.00

Hunter Bible Church | Trainer: Jenny Jefferys

Hey I’m Charlotte, I’ve been working as a support worker for a few years and for the past 12 months running my own business in family support. I love helping people and I’m convinced that the best way to do that is telling them about Jesus. I’m so excited that I’m able to be freed up and trained up as a MTS apprentice so that I can serve Jesus with my whole life.
 I’m also very excited to be getting married early next year to David who is also doing MTS. Please be praying that as I move forward into full time ministry and first year marriage that God will grow me to be more like him and that he would build his kingdom and his name would be magnified. Thank you so much for your prayer and support.

Prayer Points

– Pray that God would use me to build his kingdom

-Pray that I would be growing in in my love for Gods word and his people

-Pray that Jesus’ name would be spread all over Newy and Lake Mac

-Pray for David and I as we head into marriage and full time ministry


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