Cameron Bryant

Cameron Bryant

Cameron Bryant

$55,336.00 raised at 17 May 2024
16 month target at 17 May 2024 $53,333.33
24 month target $80,000.00

Southern Cross Presbyterian Church | Trainer: James Ritchie

Hey everyone I’m from the country town of Lismore in northern NSW (Yee-haw). I am 22 years old and am very excited to be beginning an MTS apprenticeship in 2023. I have grown up on my parent’s dairy farm and have been working on dairy farms for the last 3 years, which will make beginning MTS fun and challenging as I move from physical labor full of early mornings to a more office job style of work. I know that the good news about Jesus is the greatest news and am very excited for the opportunity to grow and learn so much over the next few years as I complete this ministry apprenticeship. I am excited to be trained to serve God.

Prayer Points

  • Please pray for a smooth transition from my current job (which is physically demanding) into my MTS apprenticeship (which might be less physically demanding but more mentally and emotionally demanding) beginning in 2023.
  • Please pray for me as I am getting married in April.
  • Pray for Jess and I as we experience much change in our lives over 2023.
  • Also, pray for the city of Lismore as it continues to recover from major floods earlier in the year.
  • Pray for James and I, that we may work together well as He mentors me.
  • Pray that I might fix my eyes on Jesus always, in every circumstance.

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