Caleb Faulks

Caleb Faulks

Caleb Faulks

$46,599.00 raised at 28 Nov 2023
22 month target at 28 Nov 2023 $53,166.67
24 month target $58,000.00

Hunter Bible Church | Trainer: Dave Allen

Over the last year or so I’ve steadily grown in my conviction that my whole life belongs to Jesus, and MTS is a fantastic opportunity to use my whole life in gospel ministry for the sake of his kingdom and his glory. I am extremely excited to see how God uses me over the next 2 years!

Prayer Points


I’d love your prayer

  • Praise God for the MTS program!
  • Pray that over the next 2 years, I will fix my eyes fully on Jesus and live completely for him
  • Pray for dependence on God as I am thrown into lots of new ministries
  • Pray for lots of opportunities to share the gospel and be a witness to the people around me

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