Bianca Nicholls

Bianca Nicholls

Bianca Nicholls

$40,615.00 raised at 5 Dec 2023
23 month target at 5 Dec 2023 $42,550.00
24 month target $44,400.00

City on a Hill Geelong | Trainer: David Chiswell

In the book of James, the writer speaks of the idea that faith without deeds is dead, and religion that God considers pure is to “take care of orphans and widows in their distress”. In our communities, there are many lost people that are not being loved and cared for. People who are in distress. My church wants to focus more on this in the coming year and subsequently, the primary thing I will be involved in is our ‘Many Rooms’ ministry. Many Rooms is a not-for-profit organisation owned by City on a Hill. It is an organisation that hopes to show people the love and grace of God by humbly serving them. Our goal is to shine a light of hope, love and justice in our world.

Over the last couple of years, I have been involved in this ministry on a volunteer basis alongside my study but really felt that this year was a chance to dedicate myself to it fully.

My conviction is that as Christians we should be bringing people to Christ first and foremost, but that even when they don’t know him, we are taking care of the modern orphans and widows around us. Without asking for anything in return, without expectations, but to love because we have been so loved. And to pray that as Christ’s servants, our lives and any good we do would point to Him.

I would love it if you feel able to partner with me in this, in whatever way you can. Please pray for me and let me know if you’d like to chat further.

Prayer Points

Personally, I would love prayer for a soft heart, wisdom in my words and endurance throughout this year. I would also really appreciate prayer that I would grow in love for God above all else.

Also, please be praying for the Many Rooms ministry, that people would come to know the love of Christ through whatever we do. That God would give us open doors and opportunities to serve our community as well growing each of us in love and empathy for those around us.

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