Amelia Murphy

Amelia Murphy

Amelia Murphy

$21,700.00 raised at 18 Jun 2024
5 month target at 18 Jun 2024 $16,666.67
24 month target $80,000.00

Southern Cross Presbyterian Church | Trainer: Susan Playsted

Hi I’m Amelia.

I’ve been working as a preschool teacher for the last 10 years. Over the last two years my husband James and I have been considering kingdom work and how best to give our lives to the work of the gospel. After much prayer and conversations with those we love and trust, we’ve decided I should begin an MTS apprenticeship in 2024.

I’m super excited for the two years ahead. I’m looking forward to being better equipped to serve in various ministries and to studying a Diploma of Ministry. But I’m most excited about getting alongside young women in our church, sharing cups of tea, life, chats and prayer.

I’m am thankful for any support you can give through prayer and/or finances.

Prayer Points

Please Pray for me:

  • That God will use these next two years of my life for His glory
  • That James and I would trust God to provide for us over the coming years
  • That our walk with God and our marriage will be strengthened
  • That God will be made known throughout our town of Lismore and the world

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