Adam Clark

Adam Clark

Adam Clark

$22,913.30 raised at 28 Nov 2023
10 month target at 28 Nov 2023 $30,833.33
24 month target $74,000.00

Salt Church Wollongong | Trainer: Geoff Ackman

I’m an MTS apprentice with Salt Church in Wollongong. I’m married to the beautiful Laura, and we live in Berkeley together with our cat, Lockie. We love Jesus and we love sharing with everyone about the amazing life that anyone can have when we trust him more than anything.

Prayer Points

I’m settling into my new roles at Salt Church and filling my schedule with all sorts of ministries. Pray that I might be wise in how I use my time and energies.

Pray for Laura and I as we adjust to a new working schedule and timetables. That we might be gracious and loving to one another in the transition.

Pray that my ministry apprenticeship will bring life to the people I minister to and bring glory to God as he deserves.

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