G8 National Conference 2020 Feedback

Feedback from a Trainer, 1st Year Apprentice and a 2nd Year Apprentice on G8 National Conference

What was a highlight of G8?

Trainer: Seeing many young members of God’s people loving Jesus, praising Him and preparing to serve Him with their lives.

1st Year Apprentice: The highlight for me was being able to think through and process what we think, and that will enable us to love God and serve him even more day by day.

2nd Year Apprentice: I found the daily prayer-groups were the most encouraging element of G8. It was a joy hearing and seeing the work God is doing through His servants across Australia.


As a Trainer/Apprentice, what was your expectation about attending G8, and was this met?

Trainer: As a Trainer I was very encouraged by what the conference provides for Trainers – for example, Trainer specific workshops, networking and meeting people from different walks of life to me.

1st Year Apprentice: I honestly had none. I don’t set up expectations for events, but I was absolutely blown out of the water by the depth of wisdom and love poured out by all those leading and serving us, and the opportunity to worship with like-minded brothers and sisters.

2nd Year Apprentice: My expectation was to meet new trainers and trainees, be encouraged in the Lord through the main talks, and gain important life-long skills for ministry.


What will you do differently back at home base after attending G8?

Trainer: Try to raise up more Metro apprentices and also consider implementing the ministry principles we were reminded of at G8.

1st Year Apprentice: I’m going to think differently about the core reasons why I do things, and how God can best be glorified in those.

2nd Year Apprentice: My prayer is that God would raise up more apprentices, and that I would be able to encourage some of those in my circles to consider an MTS apprenticeship.


Who would you like to stay in contact with from G8 and why?

Trainer: Everyone! Because meeting and connecting with all of Gods servants is so encouraging.

1st Year Apprentice: I would love to stay in contact with my fellow first years and encourage and be encouraged by them in their ministry, as well as the leadership who gave so much to us that week and every week following through the work they do in MTS.

2nd Year Apprentice: I will be keeping in contact with a couple of other trainees and pastors from around the country to be encouraged by them and keep up to date with prayer points.


Anything else you wish to include to encourage other apprentices or trainers?

Trainer: The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.  Let’s keep asking the Lord of the harvest to send more workers into His harvest field.

1st Year Apprentice: To the trainers, thank you. You are so vital in the fulfilment of Matthew 28 of spreading the gospel. Soldier on. Romans 8:31 ‘What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” God has called you and I to this ministry, so don’t doubt yourself, because God is at work, so look to Him, brothers and sisters. Amen.